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Domestic Violence Awareness

Our Mask Project is the men's movement answer to the Clothesline Project. Why do we need to answer the Clothesline Project? Because the Clothesline Project was specifically designed to call attention to the plight of abused WOMEN. Just as laundry used to be considered only "women's work", the Clothesline Project is considered a women's project.

Even now that years of Domestic Violence studies show that men are equally likely to be abused by their partners, the groups that develop and promote Clothesline Projects only encourage women (and sometimes children) to design t-shirts for the clothesline.

We do not object to the Clothesline Project any more than we object to Women's Shelters. We simply want male victims of Domestic Violence to be given equal consideration and assistance.

The Mask Project is a moving display of masks that are designed and created by male victims of domestic violence (DV).

  • Each mask represents an actual male DV victim. He may decorate, color, write on, or design his mask any way he chooses.
  • Our template is that of the Tragedy Mask that is often seen in theatres and drama rooms.
  • Our mask is different, however, in that it has no mouth - to signify the reality that male DV victims have no voice in our society.

    If you are a male DV victim and are willing to design a mask for us, please:
        1) Get a blank Tragedy Mask. You can download this mask template, try this site (it has nine pages of drama mask graphics to choose from), or you may create your own mask in any way you choose.
        2) We ask that each mask be approximately (but not bigger than) the size of a regular sheet of paper (8x11).
        3) Please include, if you can, your first name, city and state. Please also include a little bit about your story and if you feel have have been able to free yourself of abusive relationships. ALL of this information is of course optional.
        4) If you wish to remain anonymous, you may do so. Simply fashion your own mask and mail it to the P O Box above. You do not need to include your name or address. Please do include your city and/or state if you can, but all information is optional. We would still like to post your mask even if you need to keep all information private.
        5) As always, if you have any questions, please contact us any of the ways you see above.

    Some mask examples are:

  • One man drew jail bars down the height of his mask. Then he wrote in the spaces: "I knew if I hit her back, I would go to jail. So I stayed in the prison I already knew."
  • Another man scanned a picture of his scars and super-imposed the image on his mask.
  • Yet another man used theatre makeup to design a mask where you can just see the bruises below the makeup intended to cover them up.

    Please email us at with any questions about getting involved with the Mask Project, NCFM or our chapter.

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